Ammah Palm Plantationss

Making INDIA Self-reliant on Oil Palm & Boost the income of farmers

Agronomy and Plant Science: Understanding the cultivation practices, optimal growing conditions, and pest and disease management techniques for oil palm trees.

Plantation Management: Overseeing the management of oil palm plantations, including land preparation, planting, harvesting, and maintenance practices.

Oil Palm Plantations

Processing Technology: Knowledge of oil palm processing techniques, including extraction methods, refining processes, and product development.

Environmental Management: Implementing sustainable practices to minimize the environmental impact of oil palm cultivation, such as biodiversity conservation, waste management, and land use planning.

Oil Palm Processors

Oil Palm Experts

We specialize in various aspects of oil palm cultivation, production, processing, and management. We as experts typically possess extensive knowledge and experience in agronomy, plant science, agricultural economics, environmental science, and related fields.

Market Analysis and Economics: Analyzing market trends, pricing dynamics, and economic factors affecting the oil palm industry, including supply chain management and market demand.

Policy and Regulation: Understanding government regulations, industry standards, and certification schemes related to oil palm cultivation, such as sustainability standards and land use policies.

Nursery Services

Genetics and Breeding: Understanding new oil palm varieties with improved traits such as higher oil yield, disease resistance, and environmental adaptability.